Monday, May 24, 2010

How to trap crickets?

I need them for my lizard.
look behind soda machines and shaded areas at dusk, use your hands =) and put them in a bottle or some thing. long grass, by water...
I don't know how to trap crickets, but I catch grasshoppers al summer for my bearded dragon. I think they have a lot more to them than the crickets you buy at the pet store too. You just have to be quick and stealthy. It's fun catching them. The big ones can fly, so go after smaller ones and tire them out if you have to.
safer to buy them , no diseases, or illnesses, from store bought
you shouldn't feed your pet crickets from outdoors, they need captive bred crickets or else they could become ill from it.

I'll try to find the site i read that on for proof.
well if you have them in like a huge tank you can stick a plastic cup in there and get some or w/ yo hands
good luck !
It is not best to give your lizard crickets you caught outside or whatever. They may have been exposed to pesticides or have parasites that could harm your pet. It is easier and safer to just buy them from the pet store.
crickets are 10 cents for 1 and if you have a petco card 1 penny off!! oh dont go catch them they often have parasites. DONT TRY TO SAVE A PENNY OF CRICKETS BECAUSE IF YOUR LIZARD GETS SICK THAT PENNY SAVING WILL MAKE YOU PAY A TON OF MONEY TO THE VET.

How to tell the sex of two red neck slidder turtles?

Both of the above are correct. You can also look at its cloaca (opening on its tail). Males have a cloaca that is further towards the tip (and away from the body), while the opening is close to the body in females. As previously mentioned, these traits may not be readily apparent if the turtles are less than 5 years old.
see if one ever pops a ,,,,,,,
It's hard when they're young, but when they get older, the males will have concave bellys (inward sloping), females will be flat. This is to assist the mating process. Males also have longer claws, which is obvious in a side-by-side comparison. I would search this topic on Yahoo or Google in order to see some photos.
Also, it's 'red eared slider', not 'red neck slidder' =P
I read online that females tend to be bigger, but male ones will have longer tails.

How to tame igauna?

our igauna was pretty calm when we brought it home then after a month he cought agressive. do i jus need to get him out more. is there a way of bribbing him with food or something when i get him out
Handle him lots. Start with just having your hand in the tank. If he's tolerating that, then start picking him up. And I so agree with the gloves...unless you don't mind taking a nasty bite...and an iguana bite can defiently be nasty. Another trick I used with a highly agressive make I had was about 20 minutes or so before I was going to handle him, I dropped the temperature in the tank a bit...not enough to harm him, but maybe about 5 or so degrees colder. It made him more receptive to being handled because my body heat helped to warm him.

Unfortunately, you may find that no matter what, you may NEVER be able to handle him. Some iguanas will take to it and actually appear to like it, some will just tolerate it and some will never allow it.

When you do try to handle him and he thrashes his tail, bites, etc, that is his way of telling you he doesn't want to be touched. But you'll need to try and work through that and hold him anyway...but for short periods of time. Don't stress him too bad or he can get sick. Just be takes time. Good luck!!
This is a good sign-agression usually mean they are healthy. I would just handle him regularly, and use gloves when you first pick him up, to prevent injuries from the tail, lol. You should also join this site online, as you can become friends with other iguana owners:
Get a good pair of gloves (to avoid personal injury) and handle the Iguana as much as possible. My Iguana loves fresh fruit. Here is a link that you might find helpful.
I've read that iguanas get more aggressive as they age.

How to take care of a wild turtle?

Alright, my friend found a little box turtle on the side of the road and decided to keep it as a pet, how would she go about taking care of it and making it a pet? What should she feed it?
To care for a wild caught turtle, SET IT FREE where you found it. They do horribly in captivity, it's bad for the ecosystem and no animal deserves to be taken from their home.
Actually you should free it. Wild turtles can carry Salmonella bacteria, and it is illegal in some states to keep one as a pet.
If your friend is going to keep it as a pet, then she needs to go all out and get its tank properly set up. Search box turtles to obtain all the proper information. And yes, young turtles have a higher chance of carrying bad diseases. So make sure she is washing up good after handling the turtle. I own a red ear slider, so i'm not sure on all the details of caring for a box turtle..
Hi. My cousins have a wild turtle as well. go about as if it were not wild. Turtles can almost adapt to anything. Go to you local pet store and buy some food, a filter, and a glass aquarium of about two feet by one foot. and there you go you gota perfect place for aturtle. But be sure to put a rockofsome sort so the turtle can relax "on land"
Hello, if these turtles are native %26 wild to where you live, YOU DON'T keep them, you put them back where you found they can be sick or diseased %26 can make you or your other pets sick too..if he is not native %26 was someone pet that got loose ( as they often do ) then you have to create a pen for him..outside they need part shade %26 sun %26 a nesting box - they like to the house a UV light - plant grow light %26 a temp of about 80 degrees..a flat feeing dish, like a dinner plate or pie tin for foods..such as grated hard veges, fruits or chopped fresh greens sprayed with water or thawed frozen fruits - strawberries, blueberries or mixed vege's of green beans, peas, carrots %26 corn..they also need some beetles, crickets, meal or wax worms - which can be bought where reptiles are sold %26 some fish bait shops sell them too ..Take Care :)
Wild caught turtles and tortoises tend to do very badly in captivity, go free it where you found it.

How to take care of a garter snake?

today My stepsister and i found a garter snake while taking a walk. I petted him and he seemed fine with it. she picked him up and he wrapped around her arm. She(vanessa) then noticed a deep wound in the lower section of his tail. I tried to examine it closer and he bit me. He was in pain so we made a home for him. It was an 18" (length) by 7"(width) and 5"(high) plastic container with a lid, which we then cut holes through. We covered the bottom of his cage with a layer of grass. We added a flat smooth rock and shined a lamp on it (for basking) we also added a large tub of water. Shortly after we went and collected some grubs and a worm. He hasn't touched his food! i heard they like minnows, too. We have also heard that you can put Neosporin on his cut. please help if you see that we are doing anything wrong or not doing something!
I'd hate to say this but the snake it probably better off on its own. Don't worry it will probably be alright. If it is really hurt than there is not really anything you could do about it- its just natures way. He would probably be happier not cagged up.
easy to see you don't want to harm the snake, so take it back where you found it and let it go.
It sounds like you are doing everything good! Just make sure it has a lot of fresh bugs. You could get some crickets at PetCo or something too. Thats so awesome of you to take care if it! We have a lot of those snakes here. Arent they cool?
You might also call your local Fish and Wildlife and ask if they know someone who rehabs animals like that.
Yes neosporin will work just let him chill a bit and get used to you and he will be OK !!!
From the size of the cage , this sounds like a young snake. You could go with a bigger cage, 10 gal. tank or so, and make sure the snake has a place to hide. The food you're offerring is good, they love earthworms, small mice, small frogs, minnows. You can apply neosporin or a similar anti-bacterial ointment to the wound, but they usually wipe it off by slithering around, so you should do this several times a day. Also, don't bother with crickets or any insects, as they are NOT a part of a garter snake's diet %26 even if you could get a garter to eat one, they are very hard to digest %26 offer almost no nutritional value to the snake

How to re-potty train adult iguana?

My 7.5 year old male green iguana has become lazy in his potty training. I moved him into a badass huge cage last month and he has since forgotten to go potty in his potty water bin that he used to go in. He has another water dish that he's supposed to drink from and soak in but, I don't see him in either of the water bins often.if really, ever. He's been deficating on the newspaper in the other corner of the cage. So I'm trying to find out how I can get him to use the water more. Any ideas?
Hello..he's chosen the place he wants to potty %26 that's potty training, if you want him to use something else, put that in the place he's chosen to use as his potty ..>Take Care :)
That is just weird potty training.
Well, mine are free roaming. But if your babe is in a cage, why does it matter where he go? So, he changed his mind. I would suggest cleaning w/ soap, and thoroughly the dishes, put newspaper down where he goes and then just wrap up the feces in the paper and throw out.

Besides he is older, or old. Perhaps keeping track of the 2 different waters is confusing and he would rather keep it simple for him. We too get old. When he is old, it may be too much, too complicated to keep track of which water to poop in and would rather remember not to poop in water period because he needs to drink water. Who wants to drink water with poop in it?

How to remove leaches from aquatic turtle?

I live in Thailand and my son found a aquatic box turtle and we want to keep it in our garden pond. It is riddled in leaches all on its underside maybe as many as 20 plus how can we remove them without hurting the turtle ?
You can remove them manually, or sprinkle a little table salt on the leeches they will let go.I don't know how to get them out of the pond though.if you putt him back in after removal he will just get more
put salt or baking soda on the leach