Sunday, August 2, 2009

How come my red ear'ed slider is losing it's shell color?

I had it for about a year. I fed it the same type of food since I got them and as they grew larger, they began to lose their shell color. For example It use to be really green, now it's basically fading away.
Please help >%26lt;
This isn't a bad thing. It's normal. Depending on the age of thr turtle, this is actually supposed to happen. Many times with RES they lose their color as they age and their shells actually become dark brown or black in color. It just means that your turtle is aging. Now, if it is becomming soft or raised or fuzzy then this is bad. This is either shell rot, a fungus, or soft shell; all three are life threatening. If this is occuring then you need to see a vet.
Not to worry, this is normal. When turtles grow their shell, they loose the old scales on them. The old scales still hold on to the shell, but because they are translucent-yellow colour, then it makes the shell look faded. Don't pick at the scales, let them fall off naturally. My Red Eared Slider also sheds about once a year. Because the scales are loose, you might also see tiny air pockets under the scales.

After your turtles sheds the translucent-yellow scales, then its colour will get back to normal.
This is just the normall ageing for turtles, they naturally loose thier color as they get older, don't worry.
Getting duller and darker? Perfectly normal! Most turtles do this, and Red-ears do it a LOT.
it's shell is probably just growing so the old scales are going to flake off its color will go back to normal after don't worry i have 3 %26 they've all done it a dozen times
this is the smae concept as humans and hair color. as we age we lose our hair color and it turns more grey or lighter. with turtles they simple lose thier brilliance and turn darker or less virbrant. this is perfectly normal though.

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