Saturday, May 22, 2010

How do turtles have sex?

just wondering...
Well, I've seen it and I have a hysterical story about it. When I was a little girl, about 11, me and another kid had two turtles, and we decided to have a turtle race. We set the boundaries, and ready, set, go! Her turtle started running really fast, for a turtle. But mine just sat there. I was cheering him on but he just stayed there. Well, I was telling my mom about this story after the fact, and she was driving. You know how mom's listen, sort of with only one ear. Well, so I was telling her this way, "my turtle just sat there and wouldn't do anything. When suddenly, my turtle just took off, running really really fast. He jumped on the back of the other kids turtle, and they had sexual intercourse!!!" My mom slammed on the breaks and pulled the car over, and she goes, "Ok, tell me this whole story again, and start from the very beginning!" It was soooo funny, we've laughed about it for years. She wasn't paying a bit of attention to anything I said until she heard "sexual intercourse," which was the way I had learned it in school.
verrrry slowwwwly.
LMAO good question and yes very slowly.
In a motel.
they get some turtle wax, do it turtle style, and then they share a cigarette
First is a courtship ritual, usually involving certain movements.

Next, the male climbs on the back of the female (who may try to dislodge him) and clasps the front of the female's shell. The male's belly shell (plastron) is in-curved to allow a better fit.

The male's tail is longer to allow it to reach under the female's and line up the vent opening with her vent opening. One the vents are lined up, things go pretty normally.

This is one of the few times many turtles make a noise. It can take a few minutes, or last an hour or so.
they do it turtle style lol
Sea turtle mating is usually offshore of a nesting beach and the males basically approach any female in the area. If the female is willing, they mate by the male going up onto the back of the females shell (piggy back style). Males do tend to have longer claws (nails) on their front flippers that they use to hold onto the female during mating. Many females have deep cuts into their shells from mating.

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