Saturday, May 22, 2010

How long can Red Slider turtles go without eating?

I have two Red Slider turtles. I used to have them in a 44 gal tank along with some fish. I have them since they were little. They're now about 6 inches long (head to tail). They seem to be "enjoying" the fish quite a bit now so I moved them to a separate tank (only 10 gal). I know the tank is small but that's all I can come up with. They've been in the tank for about a week. When I put food in the tank, only the smaller one of the two would eat. I haven't seen the bigger one eaten anything since I put them in the new tank. I'm worry it's going to die if this keeps on going and thinking about releasing them. Should I be worry? How long can they go without eating? What should I do (beside buying a bigger tank, I'd rather let them go)? Thanks.
Your turtles are stressed out. Taking them from a 44 to a 10 is a bad idea and is stressful. Yes, they will die if you continue to force them to live this way. You should be worried. Don't release them. They don't know how to survive in the wild and will die. If you don't want a bigger tank then your best bet is to take them to a rescue or shelter. They can go maybe a week without eating. Not exactly sure because I've never tested it with my turtles as I love and care way too much about them to ever put them through any of the things you're putting your poor turtles through.
If you would rather let them go then buying a bigger tank then say goodbye, because 10 gal isn't anywhere near enough room. Why don't you have the larg tank anymore? Get a larger tank or if the climate is warm where you are try putting a pong in for them. (research that before doing it please) They can go a little while without food try hand feeding him or switching his diet. And dont let them go in the wild, the chances of them surviving are slim. If you can't take care of him any longer place an add in the local paper or something.
I got my RES from a friend who didn't know how to properly care for it, she would go a week or two at a time without feeding it. Depending on how interactive your turtles are trying hand feeding the one that won't eat. Mine will take food from between my fingers, see if you can get yours to eat this way. It will show it that it can get food in this tank the same as it can in the other. Becuase they are now comepeting for space in a smaller tank the littler one may be asserting it's dominance by eating all the food, also if you feed them and walk away it may just be that he is eating when you aren't watching. If it is possible try switching tanks and putting them back in the 44 and the fish in 10. If nothing else works try advertising them in the paper or online instead of throwing them to the wild, they are used to be looked after and wouldn't know how to survive on their own.
well, they probaly r really stressed out. imagine if you lived in amansion all your life and then suddenly taken out and put in atiny apartmeny? thats how they feel.
you definetly need to put them in the big tank, mine is content in his 55 gallon tank and happy when he has the light on, he likes to sit up on his dock thing and put his head up high and sit there. He eats every 2-3 days, and thats it. i dont know it depends on how big they are.
Well the first thing to do is check the temperature of their water. If the water is cold, then it's fine. Turtles aren't hungry in cold water, kind of like hibernation. If the water is warm then maybe the turtle just needs time to adapt. Turtles can go for months in hibernation without eating. Awake about two weeks. Maybe try a different food. if you live near a pet store you can always purchase blood worms or minnows. Good Luck!

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