Saturday, May 22, 2010

How long can baby lizards survive with out food or water?

how long can they survive in a house
Thats confusing, you ask how long without food or water then how long in a house. Ok first of all never attempt to find out or push their limits. They should be fed every day. And I am sure they can go without for a couple days but don't do it. If you cant feed them then you need to find somebody who can. Take care of the little guys. I dont get the house thing..
it depends on the type of baby lizard. if these are native lizards that hatched in your house, or are coming in- try to shoo them outdoors where they will have food and water- if they are pet lizards that have laid eggs which have hatched, look up breeding and raising details fro the specific type on the 'net.
Most baby lizards need to eat pretty soon after they hatch- but they may need a different humidity or temp than they are in.
re-post this question with a few more details- are they native lizards born in your house, or are they pets in an enclosure. What kind of lizards?


  1. i think people ask this when there's a lizard that got in and they cant catch it, they wonder how it is surviving, will it survive

    1. Thanks Nadia Reed Dec 28 2016 will be 2 week's this lizard from outside is somewhere in my house can't find it just was wondering how long they last without food or water. But my cat's might of caught it also.

  2. I'm in same situation, thought she must have died without food n water but saw it again after 3 weeks ,really terrified . Don't know what to do

  3. I don’t particularly know how long a baby lizard can survive without food and water, but my best guess is three weeks without food, and a few days without water. Well, as for as humans, it is quite a different story. I did learn a few tips here: