Saturday, May 22, 2010

How long can a corn snake last without eating?

I lost my snake about 6 1/2 weeks ago. Fortunately, today it returned today however I was wondering how long they can survive without food (just so as I know if it has been eating anything). Also, should I feed it one mouse per week as has been normal, or should I up it for the next few weeks?
up to 2 or 3 months. Snakes are notorious for not eating for long periods of time, but it is advisable to offer a mouse once a week so the snake has the option of eating if it would like to.

1 mouse a week is perfectly fine, but do no more than two.
a week
Hello...glad you got him back...I'd go ahead %26 try to feed him, if he don't eat he don't eat, but he will eventually ..if he looks particularly thinner then before he escaped then he hasn't eatin well while out ..up his temps about 5 degrees but no more then 90 %26 of course his bowl of water ..hopefully you all haven't done any mice or rat control with poisions is the only thing you'd have to worry about if he ate them...once a week feeds for adults are fine, our adults only eat every other week or once a month...Take Care, am guessin lesson is learned, snakes are Houdini's / escape artists for sure !!
Had something similar with a gator snake (Ithink it was called that anyway) she disappeared for about 2 months and came back on her own - on the pillow next to me - anyway, she didn't look like she had lost any weight - we figure she was eating spiders and things in the roof space. We fed her a mouse as usual - she wouldn't eat when she was due to shed her skin - your snake will eat when it is hungry - just give it the same.
juveniles should eat one or two small pinkies a week, adults really should be eating 2-3 small mice or one rat a week. they digest faster than other snakes that can go 22 months without eating. They can survive a couple months, id say 2 max, without food. But you never know, when animals instinct kick in...they can last a while. I'd up it and make sure its nice and warm, and secure the lid!! those guys are fierce when it comes to escaping!
They can last quite a while without eating. Ours went for about nine weeks once, and we were worried cause we were inexperienced and didn't have access to the internet then, so couldn't get advice. So we sold him to friends and he is still thriving (now about 9yrs). He still stops eating through the winter for a few weeks.
i got a corn snake 6 months ago and i only got him to eat last week. i didn't feed him extra and he's fine now but your snake might shed it's skin due to a boost in energy. e.g the mouse
one a week should be fine.

My brother in law lost his corn snake, it turned up on his front door step 6 months later ! He lives in a block of flats too. A homing snake haha.


  1. My corn snake will be 2 on the 7th May and used to eat every week and moved up from a small mouse to a rat over a couple of months. He then started to eat every 2weeks and then won't eat 4 months. He last age a med/large mouse on 8th February and hasn't taken any thing up 2 now.

  2. Mine hasn't eaten since the 21 April and laid two eggs four days ago, and I have offered her a mice every week and she is very aggressive right now and I presume this is down to the eggs being in her tank, any advice will be appreciated

  3. My 4month old corn snake got out his tank 5weeks ago now ive looked everywhere but cant find him he last eat a mouse the week before he got out i worry cos hes only young will he return

    1. I lost mine when she was only a couple months old for around 8 weeks.. she just turned up in the front room one day. I was so worried the whole time... laying out food on heat mats every so often. Since then we've lost them both a couple times .. longest being a week.. but they always seem to show up... check warm places and in bags.. don't worry to much.. what will be will be

  4. I habe an albino lavender cornsnake, always a good eater. Prob about two years old now. I cant ger her to eat anything. Its been like a month. Starting to get discouraged and worried. I even went back down a size on the mice thinking that the bogger ones that she has been eating has hurt her somehow or something. How can i get her to eat?

  5. Its very cold in my attic now its winter no heat at all seen a snake up there in april cant find him its Jan 2018 now freezing you think he alive its no food for 9 months last april my window was left open crow got in made a big nest. I think the bird carry snakes up there one was a milk snake you th8nk the other one i seen could of died bu now will the cold and no food kill the others if its more i caught the milk snake