Saturday, May 22, 2010

How long can a gecko live inside the house?

if one got in the house and i just left it alone would it survive if it did not get out ?
if theres bugs for it to eat its possible, but they also need water. you should catch him and release him
You didn't say what kind of gecko.
It'll be fine as long as it can find things to eat. It'll catch/eat things like spiders, bugs etc.
One of our Leopard geckos escaped and we thought we'd never see it again - but he turned up in the bathroom 6 months later!
And apart from being a bit dirty he was fine!
So don't worry too much because he/she will turn up again sometime, remember not to leave your front/back door open otherwise it'll escape, and likewise be careful with opening your windows wide - if he is a gecko with lamallae feet he'll be gone.
Good luck with finding him/her. would survive just any other way ...till the food ran out , it escapes, old age..the neighbors cat ..gets it..if it's a gecko native to where you live it will do especially fine, if it is captive bred pet not native to the area, it will more then likely just die off in time..Take Care :)

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