Saturday, May 22, 2010

How do you know?

how do you know if your land turtle is female or male?
If you know the species, look at the specifics:

If not, or are just wondering, see these more general descriptions:
Just ask someone at your local pet store or look it up.
blood test
this site might answer your question.
compared tail size to a male, they have longer tails
look at pic of that turtle kind on the computer and decide then
you could take it to a vet and he/she could tell you that would be my suggestion.
ask her/him of course
you will probably need to take it to a place where they know about reptiles so that you can have it probed, perhaps. there are also certain features on a turtle that may allow you to tell the sex, like longer tail, a marking on the body or bottom of the shell, etc. you should look it up on a search engine, but i typed in land turtle and i found nothing useful. you need to know the exact species of turtle that it is.
If you have a box turtle (the only common land turtle in most of the US), look at its bottom shell and its eyes. Males have bright red eyes, and their bottom shell is curved inwards so it can fit over top of the female during mating. Females generally have darker red or brown eyes, and their bottom shell is curved a little but not drastically like on the males.

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